Hoy Health Telehealth tools for the complete family in available both in English and Spanish


Medication Access programs


Consumer Health Literacy and Healthy Coaching

Welcome to Hoy Health

Focused on the health and wellness needs of the USA consumer

At Hoy Health we have a team of experts who have developed health focused products and service to help you on your health journey and ensure that you have best in class services that allow you and your loved ones to take advantage of the latest developments in technology to make your life easier and make your wellness journey an enjoyable one that can be shared with those that matter most to you, your family!


We focus on providing access to bilingual English and Spanish speaking healthcare professionals that include Doctors, Nurses, Psychologist and a variety of other health care related professionals our US based network allows you to receive the quality care you deserve in the language that you prefer.

Whether its access to bilingual healthcare professionals, programs to help gain access to medications, help in understanding what your health conditions are and how to improve your current health status at Hoy Health you have a trusted partner who will partner with you and give you programs, tools and health information designed to help you become a better healthcare consumer who will benefit from the increase in access to care, the latest technology tools and all done in your language of choice.


Telehealth tools for the complete family

Hoy Health has revolutionized the way that telemedicine is presented to consumers our model is based on encouraging the use of Telehealth tools for the complete   family.

Hoy Health’s telemedicine platform has hundreds of bilingual English and Spanish speaking US based healthcare professionals that are able to interact with the consumer in their language of choice.

Our programs expose all consumers to the benefits of  telemedicine with the understanding that consumers should be in central to and in charge of their individual health and wellness journey.

Having access to primary healthcare that is delivered with appropriate cultural and linguistic capabilities by US based healthcare professionals is a game changer for the vast majority of the 65 million Hispanic consumers who reside in the USA.

We have created engagement models that offers consumers with a ready made solution that incorporates the best currently available technologies to aid them in understanding their primary care needs all developed with simple to understand solutions that fit their busy lives.


Medication Access programs

At Hoy Health we understand that medication access is the cornerstone of being able to achieve needed health outcomes. As such we have developed a low cost consumer medication access model that takes the pain and uncertainty out of the consumer medication buying experience.

Hoy Health’s innovative medication access programs offers our members a solution to their high out of pocket cost when needing prescription medication. Our programs provide direct access to low cost medications and includes medication adherence support tools in order to assure our members have all the tools they need to follow their doctors recommendations in order to lead healthier lives.


Our HoyMEDS free discount card programs allows consumers to save up to 80% on their purchase of prescription medication and can be used at over 62,000 pharmacies across the USA.


Consumer Health Literacy and Health Coaching

Consumer health literacy and understanding of what is needed from them to enhance their wellness or to address their disease burden is one of the most challenging areas for the consumer and their families. Our consumer education efforts are developed with expert clinicians who understand the unique challenges  of different population groups including Hispanics, African Americans and other ethnicities across the USA.

Hoy Health’s works hard to develop patient support systems that allow consumers to have a robust understanding of their health needs. We understand that health is complicated and we work to simplify it for our member base.

We provide ongoing patient education solutions that allow our members to be taken by the hand and educated about their unique needs. We combine the best technology tools with a personalized human touch.

Our members always have someone to answer their question and to help them have a better understanding of their health and wellness needs. Our solution allows this to happen within the context of culturally and linguistically appropriate care recommendations.