About Us

Focused on the health and wellness needs of the US Latinos

At Hoy Health we are focused on the health and wellness needs of our consumers. Whether you are Hispanic, African American or Caucasian we understand that your health needs are unique and we are developing tools to help you with your everyday health and wellness needs. We understand that care that is out of reach due to language difficulty, cultural misunderstandings, economic hardship or inability to connect with the right professional at the right time is not only a detriment to you as a patient but to the USA healthcare system as a a whole.

Our Vision

We focus on providing access to bilingual English and Spanish speaking healthcare professionals that include Doctors, Nurses, Psychologist and a variety of other health care related professionals. Our US based network allows you to receive the quality care you deserve in the language that you prefer.

Whether its access to bilingual healthcare professionals, programs to help gain access to medications, help in understanding what your health conditions are and how to improve your current health status at Hoy Health you have a trusted partner who will partner with you and give you programs, tools and health information designed to help you become a better healthcare consumer who will benefit from the increase in access to care, the latest technology tools and all done in your language of choice.

Our Board of Advisors

Stephanie Bova

Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG Head of Europe and Canada and Head of Global Operations, Digital Accelerator

Joel Dudley

Associate Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Shahid Shah

AHIP Innovation Lab Entrepreneur in Residence and Strategic Advisor

David Yates

Visiting Scholar at the University of North Carolina Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Joel Zonszein

Montefiore Medical Center Director of the Clinical Diabetes Center